Rod Knock


This is a crappy video from my iPhone, but this is what rod knock sounds like.  I towed the car to a trusted shop to get a diagnosis.  I was hoping it was only something wrong with the valve cover being hit, but no, it was my worst fear; rebuild the engine.

Rod knock happens for a few reasons, but for me, it was oil starvation.  1200 miles before this video, I had the KillerBee Oil Pickup installed by IA Performance (who is awesome btw).  New oil change and everything.  But, somehow within those 1200 miles I had lost almost ALL of the oil in the pan.  Thats about 4.2 quarts worth.  Upon further inspection (once the engine was removed), the oil return from the Turbo had a missing clamp.  While this shouldn’t be a problem, I think that when the turbo was under higher pressure it started to leak.  It must have leaked a lot.  Rock knock also meant that I spun a bearing, which disintegrates the bearing into tiny bits, all inside your engine.  The oil filter was FULL of bearing material.  This means it needs a new turbo, or at least rebuild it.

Lesson learned: check your oil every time you fill up for gas (or at least ever other time)!