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October 2012

Garret GTX-3076R Turbo


Although I was very happy with the Blouch Dominator 1.5xtr turbo I had installed previously, I was ready to make a long-term decision and switch to a rotated turbo setup.  This would mean selling my current exhaust and intake setup and getting something new. I decided that the new GTX series of Garret dual ball-bearing […]

Rallispec Shortblock


Once the engine was torn down, it became apparent that the pistons were not salvageable.  The rods looked decent, and the block would need to be re-honed for new pistons.  Knowing this was going to be several thousand dollars, I decided to sit on it.  I almost was serious about selling-it as-is.  At the beginning […]

Rod Knock


This is a crappy video from my iPhone, but this is what rod knock sounds like.  I towed the car to a trusted shop to get a diagnosis.  I was hoping it was only something wrong with the valve cover being hit, but no, it was my worst fear; rebuild the engine. Rod knock happens […]


Sudden Death


It was still 85* in October, an awesome night to just go out and drive.  I was driving to a friends house, and halfway there my car died.  I had just pulled up to a traffic light, ready to make a right turn.  I had no idea what happened, nor did I suspect what I […]