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December 2012

subaru engine rotated bay sti ej25 photo

One Week Later


I’m still beyond thrilled with the work that Archie did.  Everything is just humming along perfectly.  I took a few quick pics of the engine bay to show off some of the custom work and piping involved with this setup.  I’d say Archie made it look a LOT better than it was before, but, its […]


First Crank


The first time I met with Archie about the installation of my new engine, I mentioned that I wanted to make the engine bay a bit tidy.  In my opinion, Subaru has a pretty ugly engine bay, and is very hard to tuck and shave anything.  Archie kept that in mind and was able to […]


Progress Notes


Archie has been doing a great job and I just wanted to jot down a few notes before I forget them.  There’s always hiccups along the way, but pretty minor IMO. The Five-O Motorsport Injectors have a few tabs on the injector body that needed to be filed down.  They didn’t clear the TGV housing, […]

P&L Rotated Turbo Kit Review


While Archie @ PSI has been working away on getting my car back in top shape, there have been a few hiccups along the way.  This is pretty much expected (at least I did) for any major modification.  Hopefully something here will help anyone out. The parts all looked great.  Good welds, the coating looked […]

End is in sight!


Archie @ PSI has been incredibly professional and gracious while helping me with my rebuild.  He has let me come down from time to time just to check in, and take photos of the assembly.  I’m so glad I decided to have a professional do this rather than myself Cylinder heads were installed, as well as […]

P&L Rotated Turbo Kit


When I was looking for a rotated kit I had always heard great things about P&L’s fabrication and quality.  I got a smoking deal on a brand new kit and it just arrived.  It has received brand new ceramic coatings on both the uppipe and downpipe.  A Tial 44mm EWG is included, as well as […]

Parts are here!


A lot of my parts have been arriving over the past few days, and it’s finally feeling real.  The cylinder heads have been installed and I’ll be dropping by the shop to go take some photos and check on the build.  I might be driving it this weekend, woohoo! Above are some of the photos […]