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February 2013


Birthday drive


It was my birthday and Mt. Lemmon had just opened so I thought I’d take the afternoon and drive up.  Although there were plenty of annoying drivers who couldn’t read the “Slower Traffic Use Pullouts”, it was definitely worth it.  I was walking through knee-high snow in some parts to get some photos.  Time for […]

Transmission Interlock Arm


Just in case anyone else has the problem I’ve experienced, here is what happened.  So in a rapid shift from 2nd to 3rd gear (a la drag race), the gear never landed in 3rd, and the shifter went completely loose.  It would travel completely forward and back with no resistance, and it was stuck in […]

Broken shift linkage


I went on a cruise last night, and it was glorious.  I was finally pushing the car and holy cow she is fast!  I did a launch to get some practice back in, and the shift from 2nd to 3rd never connected.  It never shifted well at high RPM from 2nd to 3rd.  Whatever happened, […]