2015 FXT road trip!


I’ve been enjoying the FXT everyday I drive it. It’s practicality cannot be trumped—even my wife’s 2013 Outback seems less practical in comparison. The cabin space and ease of access is just superb, and I’m not surprised that Subaru is breaking sales records lately mostly due to the new Forester platform.

I decided to take a road trip up to an area of Arizona i’ve always wanted to visit: Monument Valley.

The ride was very comfy and I managed a stout 26mpg on the way up (uphill). Once I arrived, the off-road abilities of the FXT were very impressive. While the AWD is clearly class-leading, the ride quality over uneven and bump terrain was just incredible.

I read some of the TripAdvisor reviews about the Monument Valley roads through the canyons and a lot of people complained at how rocky it was, and that they didn’t expect it to be that bad. Honestly though, they must be crazy because the roads weren’t that bad. While very uneven, I could cruise pretty fast down some of the roads without any worry, and the FXT handled it quite nicely. Well done Subaru!