2015 Subaru WRX STi Launch Edition


With an extra 800 miles on her since I picked her up, I wanted to post a quick review of my impressions. Mostly for my own recollection and memory, but hey, you never know who might read this.

While still being bone stock (actually, a Cobb AP with Stage 1 was added since then), the car is incredibly fun to drive. I thought it would be rather dull, but I am happily mistaken. The power is quite linear, which is something I probably just forgot since my 2011 WRX (my first Subaru ever). It doesn’t have that huge surge like a bigger turbo has, and power comes in smooth and hard. You really only start to feel the turbo running out of breath at 6k rpm.

The interior is mostly identical to my 2008 aside from the obvious styling refinements that come after a 7 year refresh. The dash has more information in digital form, but the Tachometer is no longer center stage. I’m unsure how I feel about that, really. The position of the tach is also different from my 2008. The range of sweeping motion starts at a much higher point, so when you’re cruising at 3500 rpm, my mind keeps thinking I’m somewhere closer to 4800 rpm based on where the dial sat in my 2008. This is just something I’ll get used to, but its an interesting change on the new body.

The new LED lights don’t seem quite as bright as the previous HIDs. The addition of fog lamps is very welcome for me, even though it’ll never see fog, it does add some illumination near the front of the car that helps when taking a turn in to a dark neighborhood (like mine). The shifter is VERY smooth yet amply rigid and precise. The addition of a back-up camera is awesome, although the 2015 models got shorted a much larger screen that is in the 2016+. The added information panel (which is basically identical to my 2015 FXT) is a nice touch, and comes complete with a decent boost gauge. The SI-drive knob is smaller, and feels “tighter” when you turn it. The steering is might tighter, and I like the looks of the new steering wheel. The bluetooth audio streaming works :) Outside of the dual-climate control, there isn’t much else to mention.

The keyless entry is quite nice. It unlocks the car (if the key fob is close enough to the car) instantaneously as you put your hand on the door handle. You can even program it to only unlock the drivers door, or all four. By default, if you open the front passenger door first, it will unlock all doors—a nice touch. I do dislike how the trunk can’t be opened without the key fob being close to the trunk, even though the car might be fully unlocked already. It’s a weird feature. The wing is huge, and have mixed feelings about it.

Overall, its an incredible drive. Its visceral and very planted. The brakes are awesome (as expected), the suspension and ride is better than any car i’ve ever driven. All combined together though, the car is FUN. Really fun.