All fired up!


It’s been a long time in the works, but I was finally able to take delivery of the car today! I’ll explain…

First, it took several months before Tigwerks was able to complete my rotated turbo kit order. I didn’t receive parts until August 1st of this year…about 2 months later than planned.

Second, my good friend Archie at PSI ended up merging businesses with a new shop—Crown Concepts—so that he can focus on what he does best: building incredible cars. This change in events required relocating his entire shop and crew, and get setup in a brand new state of the art facility. Understandably this is a big change, but I’m incredibly happy so far with how things have transpired.

Archie did everything, and the engine bay was even left looking super clean…one of my cleanest yet! The fuel system looks totally dialed. The intake setup is incredible. And how he managed to install the IAG AOS and make it not like an octopus is beyond me.

On first ignition, everything fired up beautifully. After bleeding the coolant system properly, I was off. The engine ran super, super smooth thanks to Ron @ Phatbotti Tuning. Ron has tuned my last few cars and is incredible in every way. I’m excited to get the car fully tuned—but not before proper break-in per IAG’s instructions. It can’t come soon enough!

PS – while driving home, the EFR7163 basically wants to be in boost all the time. You’ve got to be very intentional on how you apply the throttle, because you’ll hit 5psi before you even hit the gas!