Back to Subaru!


It was an interesting period with the BMW. It was the nicest car i’ve ever owned, and incredibly nice to drive as a daily driver, while still being fun and sporty when you wanted it to be. However, even with a full CPO warranty, the BMW was in the shop more often than not. Not fun.

In the span of the 8 months I owned it, I took it in the shop 6 times. Yes, 6.

Some of the repairs were for major engine failures—like high-pressure fuel pumps, injectors, power seats not working right, the list goes on.  While it has an awesome CPO warranty, there is still a $50 deductible every time you service it.

And I’m not even going to count the number of tires replaced due to TERRIBLE run flat options that were on the car. Thankfully I bought the Discount Tire certificates (only paid for one tire), because I ended up replacing the front two tires 2-3 times EACH. I’ve hardly replaced a full set of tires on a car in a span of 3-4 years, let alone in 8 months.

It started to get a little tiresome always taking it to get fixed. I loved the ride, but the upkeep was a bit ridiculous, not to mention how quickly a luxury car like this depreciates in front of your eyes.

I decided it was time. Subaru was calling me back, and, I wanted something with a bit more utility. Meet the new 2015 Forester XT. She’s purty, pretty sporty (ok that might be an exaggeration, but at least the turbo isn’t terrible), is reliable, and incredibly practical. Happy so far!