Boomba 75mm Throttle Body Review


I recently decided to pick up a larger throttle body since I had read some great things about the low-end response it generates. Across multiple dyno sheets, it added more power everywhere, but significantly added a bit more torque down low. All good things in my book :)

The installation was pretty straight forward. After removing the stock throttle body, the only hard part was actually drilling out the rivets attaching the servo motor cover on the stock throttle body. From there, you remove the gears and motor from the stock throttle body and pop it in to the Boomba. The only thing that was frustrating about the installation, that wasn’t addressed on their provided instructions was that my servo motor was bolted to the throttle body assembly using “tamper proof” torx bolts. This required a pause in the assembly to run to the hardware store and get the special T20 Torx wrench. Other than that everything went together pretty well.

They provided an adapter plate that on one side is mated to the 75mm throttle opening, down to the OEM stock intake manifold bore size. You can purchase an additional straight 75mm adapter for those with bored out throttle bodies (like mine). The provided hardware and bolts were a nice addition, as well as spacers to accommodate for the the change in position of your TMIC.

I had this installed along side my Grimmspeed TMIC before I ended up pulling the manifold for a new ported and bored manifold and Perrin TMIC setup.

Immediately upon driving it I could tell that the low-end response was there. How to measure it I’m not sure, but it was a noticeable change.