Fired up!


OK, so the past two weeks have been slow, long, but fruitful. After getting the rotating assembly all balanced (thanks Bakers!), I started doing in the build and install. I had a buddy to help me wrench in the garage, so it helped having two hands on a few things.

I had to make a few trips to PSI to grab a few items that I didn’t realize were missing, and/or just wanted new items for piece of mind. They had them every time (case bolts, bolt washers, piston clips) and can’t thank them enough!

We spent a good part of the day yesterday getting things all tidied up. Wired up the new AEM IAT to the intercooler, installed the Process West Surge Tank, replaced a fuel pressure gauge (AEM, which ironically is not working).

The surge tank was straight forward, except the instructions did not match up with my ECU pinouts. I called Subaru Superstore in PHX and one of their techs emailed me a copy of the ECM pinouts and we tapped in to the wiring from there. I’m curious as to why it needed a RPM signal though, on top of an ignition signal. Just never heard of it is all. Process West advertises NO pump sound, but I can clearly hear it when idling. I was worried about how to prime it before firing it up, but turning the ignition to ‘on’, you could clearly hear it working. Props, seems like a VERY stout setup.

We fired it up yesterday and things were going great! Held 2,000rpm for 16 minutes (cam break-in) before we saw that the coolant temp was up to 225°!! We shut it down and checked the coolant system. We put in a brand new Koyorad at last minute (perfect fitment) and replaced the upper hose at the same time. The lower hose was cool…upper hose was pretty hot. Crap. Called Tucson Subaru and got a new thermostat + gasket.

By the time we got back to the house it was cool enough to flush it out and replace the thermostat. Took about another hour in and out. Refilled the coolant, fired it up, burped it a bit, and let it idle for another 6 minutes. Engine held at 190° for about 10 minutes so I figured we were safe to go. Immediately changed the oil (Brad Penn break-in oil) and went on a drive.

It’s only on 91 pump right now, but so far I can tell its a bit more responsive. I’m betting its mainly the 9:1 compression. It feels a TON better than when we pulled the motor, so I’m happy :) New ACT 6puck replaced my worn out 6puck and it grabs very low. Little chatter if I don’t blip the throttle, but so far it has some great bite. In a few hundred miles she’ll be ready to start tuning!