First Crank


The first time I met with Archie about the installation of my new engine, I mentioned that I wanted to make the engine bay a bit tidy.  In my opinion, Subaru has a pretty ugly engine bay, and is very hard to tuck and shave anything.  Archie kept that in mind and was able to hid a few cables and relocate a few pieces that stood out like a sore thumb.

When I arrived to take the car home, I immediately noticed that it actually looked better than it did before!  There’s still some things I plan on doing, but overall I was very happy.

I reflashed the ECU with the tune I got from Phatbotti Tuning (these guys rock!) and started logging some parameters right before we cranked.  She purrs like nothing else!  I knew that I had a lot of modifications to factor in to the base tune, but Ron nailed it spot on.  Perfect 1100rpm.  We let it warm up to temp for about 20 minutes, while checking for any leaks, burping the coolant system, and also checking the power steering fluid.  Once it was warm I drove it around the parking lot to get the power steering pump primed and let the engine rev up a few times.  The engine is sooooo smooth, and it’s much quieter than before (I had CP pistons in my last build).  It feels absolutely fantastic.

I pulled in (less than 1 mile now) the shop bay and we immediately changed the oil and new filter.  Not a whole lot of debris and everything looked great.  We topped her off (again) with Amsoil break-in oil and then went out on a test-drive to make sure everything seemed right.  We took the frontage road a few miles with lots of engine breaking (as per the break-in instructions from Rallispec).  Revs from 2k-4pm and full engine breaking.  We came back to the shop and Archie re-torqued all the bolts he could access after it was warm and then I went on my way.

I am absolutely 100% thrilled with the job that Archie and his crew did on my car.  There was SO much attention to detail in everything they did.  Archie is very meticulous and I can see it in his work.  If you have ANY performance upgrades, plans, questions, whatever, Archie is the best of the best, hands-down.  Check him out on facebook and give him a ring!

A few notes:
-Coolant temps were perfect and were just the same as it was before
-My boost gauge is showing a solid 20hg in vacuum.  It was NEVER that high, and usually ran around 15-16hg before, so I’m glad to see it higher.  Very good sign :)
-We also installed a new clutch release bearing as it looked pretty bad :(  I’m not sure how if you can feel it’s effect while driving, but I can’t tell that the clutch pressure and grab is much smoother and more precise than before.