Garret GTX-3076R Turbo


Although I was very happy with the Blouch Dominator 1.5xtr turbo I had installed previously, I was ready to make a long-term decision and switch to a rotated turbo setup.  This would mean selling my current exhaust and intake setup and getting something new.

I decided that the new GTX series of Garret dual ball-bearing turbos was something that would be perfect.  I went with the popular .82 A/R turbine housing.  It still has great spool up and street manners, yet has a LOT more potential than even a 3.0xtr turbo.  I don’t plan on going crazy with it, but I do think I’ll be pushing more power, while being a bit easier on the engine.  I’d rather run less timing and less boost and still hit 400whp like I did before.  Now I can get close to 450whp without having to really strain the motor or turbo.

Here is a 360* panoramic view of the turbo!