Sudden Death


It was still 85* in October, an awesome night to just go out and drive.  I was driving to a friends house, and halfway there my car died.  I had just pulled up to a traffic light, ready to make a right turn.  I had no idea what happened, nor did I suspect what I was about to learn..

Two days prior I had started to hear some knocking noise, loud at times, but only apparent at certain RPM speeds.  Somewhere between 3400-4000rpm is when the knocking was audible, and only upon deceleration.  I had been working on the exhaust a few days before (where the downpipe meets the catback) and just figured I had a loose bolt.  So there I sat at the intersection, and the car won’t start.

I knew I didn’t stall it.  I assumed the battery was dead, because it just wouldn’t turn over.  I pushed it around the corner and into the nearest parking lot; thankfully it was only about 20 yards of pushing.  I sat there with the hood open and tried to understand what was happening.  It seemed to have just come from out of nowhere, and now it won’t even respond.

My friend came to pick me up and we headed over to the nearest auto parts store and got a new battery.  We installed it, and nothing.  This time it didn’t even try to turn over.  She sat stubbornly there, not wanting to budge.  I called a tow truck to have it sent over to a mechanic to get a look at it.  And that is where this journal begins.