One Week Later


I’m still beyond thrilled with the work that Archie did.  Everything is just humming along perfectly.  I took a few quick pics of the engine bay to show off some of the custom work and piping involved with this setup.  I’d say Archie made it look a LOT better than it was before, but, its still a really ugly engine bay if you ask me.  Subaru seriously needs to hire some designers to figure out a better way to make these look pretty.  Theres about 10,000 hoses, cables and crap going every which way.  Oh well, it’s all about the power for me :)

The tune is still in progress, but its making about the same power as it was before (with the Dom1.5) and I’m only at 20psi.  500 miles on this baby, and at 1500 miles is when I can finally rev past 5000rpm.  It’s torture.