Parts galore!


I knew from before I even purchased the new STi that I’d be upgrading quite a bit. I did a lot of research and landed on the new EFR7163 turbo (the official turbo for all Indy Car racing) because I wanted a car that was ultra responsive, while still putting down some great power.

It’s documented on several other users’ cars that 500whp is definitely attainable, but the transient response and low-end spool are supposed to be out of this world! I regretted moving to a FMIC on my last build, and the headwork I had done had somewhat slowed down the low-end response. I’m keeping the heads stock this time around, and definitely sticking with a TMIC.

IAG, based out of Maryland, hooked me up with almost all of the parts (since most of these parts are their own design). supplied the turbo, and a few other parts came from RallySportDirect!

See the gallery for all photos!

The gist of the build:
-IAG Closed Deck 2.5 Tuff Block (coming soon!)
-BorgWarner EFR 7163, 0.85a/r, v-band in/out, EWG, 2000 degree heat coated
-Tigwerks v-band headers, uppipe, downpipe (with wastegate return), all Cerakote head coatings (coming soon!)
-Grimmspeed TMIC black coated
-ARP CA625+ head studs
-JE Pro Seal gaskets
-Killerbee Oil Pickup
-Turbosmart Hypergate 45mm (19psi)

-IAG TGV Deletes (on their way!)
-IAG Fuel Rails
-IAG Fuel Line setup
-IAG AOS Street
-IAG IAT kit
-IAG Air Pump delete plates
-IAG Timing belt guide

-Walbro 465 E85 pump (hardwired)
-Injector Dynamic 1300cc injectors
-Aeromotive FPR
-Cobb Flex Fuel + Sensor Kit
-ACT 6-puck clutch
-Koyorad racing radiator
-Other odds and ends 😉