P&L Rotated Turbo Kit Review


While Archie @ PSI has been working away on getting my car back in top shape, there have been a few hiccups along the way.  This is pretty much expected (at least I did) for any major modification.  Hopefully something here will help anyone out.

The parts all looked great.  Good welds, the coating looked great too.  The up-pipe + turbo seemed to fit great on the engine stand before it was lowered into the car.  But, about the only thing that actually “fit” together pretty well was the oil feed and return lines.  I already had the P&L AVCS oil feed kit (since I broke my factory oil feed hard line a few months back during a turbo swap), and the kit had just enough reach for the rotated turbo position.  But once it was lowered in the car we started to see lots of issues.

1.  The intake.  I didn’t realize it at the time of purchase, but the intake has ZERO ports on it for vacuum lines, and/or BPV recirculation.  While a BOV (vent to air) is tuneable, I prefer to drive a quieter car, and my Turbosmart Kompact BPV is very quiet and I like that.

P&L includes a triangular plate which rotates the turbo coolant reservoir to a different location so you can slide in the intake.  The problem was the gap between the ABS (brake) lines and the newly relocated coolant reservoir.  The intake is a 3″ pipe and it simply would NOT fit in between.

Archie was able to custom fab an adapter to go up and over this gap, and it looks quite nice now.  He also welded in some vacuum lines and a recirculation port for the BPV.  Archie is THE MAN.

2.  The External wastegate would run into the power steering lines.  This wasn’t documented in my instructions, as the instructions and photos were all for an 05 or 06 STi.  We called P&L and they said you just have to bend the lines towards the firewall.  Well this sounds great in theory, but i’d rather not be bending any hard lines wherever possible, and this could have simply been avoided had they altered the location of the turbo anyway.  There is a LOT of room in this area, and it could have been avoided.  This is one of the reasons (and the intake issue above) why I think this kit was first designed for an 05/06 STi, and then never really modified for an 08+, even though they say it was updated.

3.  The coolant lines included in the kit were too short, like 5-6 inches too short.

The only other gripe I have with this is that not much attention was spent on P&L’s part to make this kit look pretty.  There are plenty of custom turbo kits out there, and I felt like I was buying a high quality kit here.  In the end I think I would have rather purchased the Perrin unit, as it actually looks nice when its all installed.  But the P&L intrigued me because it was designed to work with a TMIC, which I wanted to keep.

In the end we made it work, but a LOT of extra work and changes were involved.