Process West Surge Tank Review


I’ve been running the car for almost 2 weeks now and have worked out a few kinks here and there. So far so good!

I just wanted to post a quick review of my thoughts on the new Process West Surge Tank that I recently installed to help improve fuel flow, and reduce any potential starvation.

Overall it’s pretty straightforward and it works as advertised. The build quality is excellent, it fit wonderfully in the designated area, and seems to flow as advertised. It bumped the previous fuel pressure setting from 55psi to 60psi.

I removed the Walbro 465 from the in-tank location and replaced it with a standard 255lph pump to prevent any possible over-pressurization of the surge tank itself.

The only negative thing I have to say is that Process West advertises it as “zero pump noise”. That is definitely not the case. At idle, it’s quite audible, where any of my previous pump setups I’ve tried (Walbro 255, Walbro 265, AEM1000) had no noticeable noise in the cabin. It’s not a big deal for me and it’s a nice reminder to know it’s pumping away, but be aware that you’ll hear it. I think it makes it sound more like a racecar :)