Rallispec Shortblock


Once the engine was torn down, it became apparent that the pistons were not salvageable.  The rods looked decent, and the block would need to be re-honed for new pistons.  Knowing this was going to be several thousand dollars, I decided to sit on it.  I almost was serious about selling-it as-is.  At the beginning of November I decided to keep it, rebuild the engine, and just enjoy the car.

I decided to just bite the bullet and do it right the first time and ordered the Rallispec Street Block.  They have a very fantastic reputation in the Subaru community, and many of the great tuners I had spoken with had only good things to say about them.

I called Dave up and he told me from order to shipping would be about 4-5 business days.  I was elated, and they were true to their word.  4 days after ordering I got the tracking information, and the awesome people at Fedex delivered it to my door.

I busted out my Hasselblad H3D-39 and setup a quick photo table in the garage to get some high quality photos.  Once I took a few, I had a cool idea to create a 360* panoramic viewer of the engine.  Enjoy!