Accessport V3 + STi Dashboard


Made some tweaks to my current displays and added a new boost gauge, as well as my own unique setup for mounting my Cobb Accessport v3.

The boost gauge is a digital AEM, which replaced the really cheap and crappy Prosport Gauge which also beeped at me, refused to work, and flat out died within a year. Don’t waste your money on it.

I decided to go with a digital gauge to somewhat match my Innovate Motorsports MTX-L wideband. The gauges are harder to read at quick glance because you have to actually look closely to see its power range, where as the digital versions I can glance super fast and see what level I’m at. I do prefer the Cobb Accessport with a 6 gauge display, as it will show me my latest peak, so I can look later and see what it was running.

I taped a super strong neodymium magnet onto the dash, near the radio, and the AP v3 sticks right to it. Love how simple it is now!