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2016-03-23 18.49.00

Back in an STi!


The time came for me to finally get back in to a fun car. I still LOVE my FXT, but its totally lacking in sporty fun factor. It’s almost there, but at the same time, is completely void of it all together. I knew I didn’t want to get rid of my daily driver—I wanted […]


First Crank


The first time I met with Archie about the installation of my new engine, I mentioned that I wanted to make the engine bay a bit tidy.  In my opinion, Subaru has a pretty ugly engine bay, and is very hard to tuck and shave anything.  Archie kept that in mind and was able to […]

Rallispec Shortblock


Once the engine was torn down, it became apparent that the pistons were not salvageable.  The rods looked decent, and the block would need to be re-honed for new pistons.  Knowing this was going to be several thousand dollars, I decided to sit on it.  I almost was serious about selling-it as-is.  At the beginning […]