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2015 FXT road trip!


I’ve been enjoying the FXT everyday I drive it. It’s practicality cannot be trumped—even my wife’s 2013 Outback seems less practical in comparison. The cabin space and ease of access is just superb, and I’m not surprised that Subaru is breaking sales records lately mostly due to the new Forester platform. I decided to take […]


Back to Subaru!


It was an interesting period with the BMW. It was the nicest car i’ve ever owned, and incredibly nice to drive as a daily driver, while still being fun and sporty when you wanted it to be. However, even with a full CPO warranty, the BMW was in the shop more often than not. Not fun. In the […]

white sands

New Journey


She’s home. On the journey home she stopped in White Sands National Monument. She needs work, and love, and then it’ll be time for fun.


Here we go!


I’m currently in the process of heading out to South Carolina to pick up this beauty. She’s a rare 2007 Forester XT Sports (only 500 made with a manual 5-speed transmission)! The original owner has taken great care of her and I’m excited to have her in my garage. Monday can’t come soon enough!


What’s next?


Been thinking a lot since I sold the STi of where I wanted to go. Go big with a GTR (not exactly financially smart right now), go with a NA big block (like Z06), or stick with Subaru. Something about the utility of a hatchback is incredibly appealing to me, not sure why. I’m also […]