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2014-12-20 12.26.44



It’s kind of hard to believe that I’m getting out of the Subaru yet again. There isn’t really anything wrong with the car, other than it doesn’t have two turbos, more displacement, and more cylinders.  The STi is such a visceral drive—it’s all hands on deck when you want to get crazy! For daily driving, […]

Boomba 75mm Throttle Body Review


I recently decided to pick up a larger throttle body since I had read some great things about the low-end response it generates. Across multiple dyno sheets, it added more power everywhere, but significantly added a bit more torque down low. All good things in my book The installation was pretty straight forward. After removing […]

Michelin Pilot Super Sport Review


Upon receiving the car back last November, it was pretty apparent that the tires had not been rotated. The back tires had some decent treat left, but the front were pretty worn. It was quite a difference. Considering you really want to have consistent tread with an AWD vehicle, and the fact I was never […]

Accessport V3 + STi Dashboard


Made some tweaks to my current displays and added a new boost gauge, as well as my own unique setup for mounting my Cobb Accessport v3. The boost gauge is a digital AEM, which replaced the really cheap and crappy Prosport Gauge which also beeped at me, refused to work, and flat out died within […]


En Route!


Got a happy text this morning from my buddy that the STi was picked up this morning! Holy tolito, it’s finally happening. When I shipped the car to DC, it took 3 days. I’d love to believe she’ll be here that quickly, but, if she arrives before Friday I’ll be elated. What should the next […]

white sands

New Journey


She’s home. On the journey home she stopped in White Sands National Monument. She needs work, and love, and then it’ll be time for fun.

Transmission Interlock Arm


Just in case anyone else has the problem I’ve experienced, here is what happened.  So in a rapid shift from 2nd to 3rd gear (a la drag race), the gear never landed in 3rd, and the shifter went completely loose.  It would travel completely forward and back with no resistance, and it was stuck in […]


553whp + 527wtq


Seriously, Phatbotti Tuning is freaking awesome.  It’s not a completely final tune, but its probably at the point of its power.  It’s running pretty low timing advance, and AFR’s are pretty safe.  I’m a happy camper!

STi Snow

First portrait


I never had any really interesting shots of the STi before “the incident” and we just got some of the first “real” snow of the season.  Thought I’d go up for a quick photo!

Rod Knock


This is a crappy video from my iPhone, but this is what rod knock sounds like.  I towed the car to a trusted shop to get a diagnosis.  I was hoping it was only something wrong with the valve cover being hit, but no, it was my worst fear; rebuild the engine. Rod knock happens […]