Tuning done!


296whp @ 6600rpm \\ 290wtq @ 3880rpm

While I’ve had the tune finished since July, I’ve been busy with work and haven’t really taken the car out that much…since it’s been hellishly hot in AZ. Temps have cooled off recently (monsoon season) and took it out for a ride today :) Car handles fantastic, the brakes grab much harder than the STi did, and it sounds fantastic to boot. I’m digging this FXT!

Here’s a quick shot of the powerband. It’s certainly nothing compared to the STi, but hey, its a tiny turbo, on 91pump, from a 100k motor!

Current mods:
-2007 STi TMIC
-Cobb Short-ram intake
-Grimmspeed EBCS
-Prodrive catback (sounds awesome)
-STi Brembos (painted gold)
-18×9.5 Rota T2W with 265x35x18 Hankook Ventus EVO12 (nice tires!)